1. Foundation

  • 9th kyu, white belt :
    6 months.
  • 8th Kyu, Yellow belt :
    6 months.
  • 7th Kyu, Orange belt :
    6 months.

2. Intermediary

  • 6th Kyu, Green belt :
    6 months.
  • 5th Kyu, Purple belt. :
    6 months.
  • 4th Kyu, Blue belt :
    6 months.

3. Advance

  • 3rd Kyu, Brown belt :
    6 months.
  • 2nd Kyu, Brown Belt :
    6 months.
  • 1st Kyu, brown belt :
    1 year.

4. Seniors

  • 1st Dan, Black belt :
  • 2nd Dan, Black belt :

Our Instructors

Monday - Saturday: 4:00pm to 6pm

Monday - Friday : 7:00pm to 9pm

Admission requirements
  • Admission and consent form; 2 sets, dully filled and signed
  • One copy of a birth certificate or national ID, in case of an adult
  • 2 passport size photo graphs
Enrolment and course structure
  • Admission is open as per below intakes though only for Foundation (1.5 years) level, 9th Kyu white belt
  • 4 Intakes annually;
    • 1st January – runs from Jan to June
    • 1st April – runs from April to September
    • 1st July – runs from July to December &
    • 1st September – runs from September to March
      • Above includes public holidays, weekends and breaks.
  • Minimum age, 5years. No maximum
  • 50 classes allocated and have to be attended within the respective periods
  • Depending on your progress, you can be considered to attend a grading examination upon completion of the 40th class
  • Should your instructor deem necessary, you can receive additional 10 bonus classes on top of the 50 in order to prepare effectively for the grading
  • Shotokan Academy will be closed during Ramadhan, Sundays, Public Holidays with a short break at the middle of a semester
  • Three units consisted in foundation level, each covered within a semester of 6 months maximum
  • All gradings are scheduled for end June and mid-December respectively. Exams can also be conducted in April & October depending on availability of students who will have completed the sessions and will have been confirmed to be ready for assessment and grading.

Fees structure
  • Admission fee (to be paid in full) prior entry
  • Tuition fee, options,
    • Can settle in full as a package, most preferable
    • Can be broken into 2 as long as completed within 5 months
    • Can be paid monthly within 5 months in advance.
      • Students to be registered for exams upon completion of full fees and examination fee by the first week of the 5th month of a semester.
Children Adults
Admission Kshs. 3,000 Kshs. 3,000
Course fee Kshs. 15,000 Kshs. 20,000
Examination, Grading & Certification Kshs. 3,000 per sitting Kshs. 3,000 per sitting
International Certification
  • Additional charges will apply in case you wish to be presented with Grading Diploma Certificate from The Karate Nomichi World Federation – KWF, Japan.
Payment mode
  • Cash transactions are strictly not acceptable
  • With effect from March 2018, all payments are either directly to our bank account or via Safaricom Pay bill no. that is connected to the bank account
  • Bank Account details,
                 Shotokan Academy,
                 Gulf African Bank,
                 KES A/c 0900157601
                 USD A/c 0900157602
  • Safaricom Pay bill number,
                 Pay bill number – 524911.
  • You are kindly requested to comply as follows: -
    • All cheques to be drawn to “Shotokan Academy”
    • Bank deposits slips, TT’s etc once effected Original remittance slip/s to be handed over to the office or instructor or clear scanned copy of the original e-mailed to contact@shotokanacademy.co.ke
    • Forward confirmation message from Safaricom to 0795-00-95-00 for any payments made via pay bill number
    • Ensure timely payments in exchange with an official payment receipt.